Monday, June 3, 2013

The AmbiPur IndiBlogger Meet - A Fresh & Pure Experience!


As soon as the AmbiPur IndiBlogger meet was announced I and some of my blogger friends registered upfront.

‘D’ day arrived. We reached the venue in-spite of scorching sun but IndiBlogger and AmbiPur relieved our stress with their excellent ambiance.
We did spot registration and were seated in a huge hall with a welcome drink; it was much needed for the weather.

Now the celebration began and as usual IndiBlogger enthralled the crowd with random games and distributed prizes ranging from cash, movie passes and Pebble stones…
Must say it was cool!!

Celebration Begins!

All set!

Next session was called 30 seconds of fame where in lot of fellow bloggers including my friends got an opportunity to talk about their blogging experience.
It was truly an interesting episode to listen to all of them speak so nicely.

Hmmm!! Now is the time for a sumptuous and exquisite lunch. Enjoyed the wide spread of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items thoroughly. I cherished baby aloo dum much to my delight. It was yummy!! Desserts were as delicious as the main course food. Overall the food was scrumptious.

In the meantime there were two contests viz. tweet about your road trip & tweet about AmbiPur experience inside the Car which was parked at the Dining Hall. Both would have fetched me Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile phone but unfortunately I missed the opportunity to win.
Nonetheless it was a great experience to participate and also to hear out all impressive tweets from my fellow bloggers.

Here are my tweets #AmbiPurFreshNHappy
  Cant forget the roadtrip alongside of Andaman beaches during my honeymoon. It was full of HAPPY, FRESH n PURE LOVE.
  Another memorable roadtrip's wid my Friends MADRAS to PONDICHERRY with hot pakoda just to cherish the famous movie joke.
  My boss n I used to drive several kms in midnite jus to find a tea shop. With fresh and pure Ilayaraja songs on bg
  Latest trip's today under scorching hot sun, after reaching here, very HAPPY to see a full of FRESHnPURE friends

What's Next :)

Team Newzealand Springs

Before we could gear up for the next adventure there was a small presentation by AmbiPur.

They were talking about their projects and questionnaires. It was very informative.


There upon they distributed AmbiPur mini clip for free to every person. Based on the clip’s fragrance, teams were divided to perform a comedy skit.

As I got New Zealand Springs clip, my team was told to perform “Office Romance" skit. We were given 15 minutes time to prepare and the skit should be for 3 minutes.
I played a very pivotal role in this skit. I should enact as an Air conditioner. Lol!
It was so much fun working on the skit and also seeing other teams performing. Again we miss the chance to win.

Lastly there was a session in which people talked about their blog involving charities, awareness etc…

After which we had Photo session and they gave a T-shirt to everyone present there.

Before saying goodbye!! We were held; with surprise hot tea, coffee and snacks. It was truly delightful.

A scene from "Office Romance" Skit

Say Cheese - Group Photo

It isn’t an easy task to gather 200 odd people under one roof, and conduct a wonderful event full of games, activities, foods, contest and lots and lots of prizes.

It gives me immense pleasure to thank IndiBlogger and AmbiPur for making this event so joyful and also making this day to cherish forever.
Special Kudos to the efforts for IndiBlogger team!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere! - Contest

WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere! - Contest by Indiblogger


If you could connect with five or more people in a WeChat group - who would they be, and why? What would you talk about? They can be dead, alive or even fictional!
Click here to Enjoy WeChat's YouTube Channel>>


Check out this very cool TV Commercial
Enjoy WeChat's YouTube Channel

The above post is created by me, just to participate in IndiBlogger, WeChat contest. The comments on the above image are just for fun, not intended to hurt anyone. Only intention is to win the contest :)